Archive of the Tunis Banalities

Transfer-prints on canvas // part of same titled solo exhibition, Gallery El Marsa, Tunis, Tunisia
17/01/09 – 08/02/09


When you turn your head at the Porte de France in the centre of Tunis you become aware of the simultaneity of different time regimes, which characterize two sides of urbanity: the economical and technologically designed new city and the historically developed Medina. Like the lithified effigy of Ibn Khaldoun you can look down Avenue Habib Bourgiba bordered with luxurious hotels, dazzling advertisements, administrative buildings, financial institutions, theaters, cafés, cinemas, boutiques, and finally—behind the turret clock at the Place du 7 Novembre 1987, where the pulse of the present is counted second by second—the station that links the city to the suburbs. In the opposite direction you find several entries to the concentrically grown Medina, with its bustling Souqs (El Kmach, El Berka, El Attarine, etc.), animated by traditional customs and the dissonant soundtrack of boisterous trade and filled up with intense scents and splendid colors. Since you prospect the rational infrastructure of the new city that organizes the real time of city life, you feel in your back the steady percussion of a more traditional habitat, which is populated by social and cultural practices that give lots of impressions of how the vibes of modern urbanity are produced.

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